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Máy kinh vĩ điện tử

Model: GET14-205
1.Angular Accuracy: 5"
2.e-sensor Compensator
3.Built-in Laser Plummet
4.Lithium Battery (30 hrs)
5.Dual Illuminated LCD
6.6-key Keyboard
7.Diagonal Eyepiece a/v

Tình trạng sẵn có:
  • NHẬN14-205

  • Geomaster

  • 90152000

Model: GET14-205

Built-in Laser Plummet (LP)
1.Laser source: 650nm, class II, output: <1mW
2.Dot diameter: ≤2-4mm at 5m
3.Working range: <5m
4.Accuracy: ±1.0mm at 1.5m

Angle Measurement

1.Accuracy: 5"
2.Minimum reading: 1" or 5"
3.Reading System: Absolute Encoder
4.Circle Diameter (Horizontal, Vertical): 79mm
1)Horizontal Circle: dual
2)Vertical Circle: single
6.Measurement unit: 360°/400Gon/6400Mil

1.Magnification: 30X
2.Image: Erect
3.Objective Aperture: 45mm
4.Resolution Power: 3.5"
5.Field of View: 1º 30'
6.Shortest Focusing Distance: 1.3m
7.Multiplication Constant: 100
8.Additive Constant: 0
9.Tube Length: 156mm

1.Style: e-sensor
2.Working Range: ±3'

Dada Memory and Display
1.Inner Memory: 1000 points
2.Output Interface: DTC-GET/usb (Data Transfer Cable)
3.Illuminated LCD: 2-sided, segment LCD, in two lines
4.6-button interface Panel

1.Circular: 8'/2mm
2.Plate: 30"/2mm

Power Supply and Ambient
1.Li-ion Battery (Default): DC3.7v,1500mAh; NiMh Battery (Optional): DC4.8v,1500mAh 
2.Universal Adapter (Charger): 100-240V, 10A, 50Hz
3.Operating Time: approx 30 hours
4.Ambient Temperature: -20-+45°C
5.Waterproof and dust-proof: IP3-4

1.Standard: Battery, Charger, Data Transfer Cable, Adjusting Pin, Desiccant, Plumb Bob, Screwdriver, Woolen
Cloth, User Manual (CD), Plastic Carrying Case
2.For option: Diagonal Eyepiece (Model: DE-1903; NW: 23g)
3.Recommended: Please refer to "surveying tripods".

Any updating would be subject to change without prior notice.

Related Names
Surveying Instrument, Surveying Equipment, Surveying Accessory, Electronic Theodolite, Digital Theodolite, Optical Theodolite, Laser Theodolite,Geomax Theodolite,Leica Theodolite,Nikon Theodolite,Sokkia Theodolite,Stonex Theodolite, Topcon Theodolite, Trimble Theodolite,Trimble Theodolite,CST/Berger Theodolite,Spectra Theodolite,Geomaster Theodolite,Construction Theodolite,Surveyor Theodolite,Builder Theodolite,Contractor Theodolite,Robotic Theodolite,Mechanical Theodolite

Packing Details
Model: GET14-205
1.Instrument Dimension: 160×175×340(mm)
2.Net Weight: 7kg (Instrument + Case)
3.Qty./CTN: 1pc
4.G.W./CTN: 8kgs 
5.Size/CTN: 0.057CBM (49cm×30cm ×39cm)

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